Strengthening the Capacity of Women Religious in Early Childhood Development (SCORE ECD) has been running since has been running since 2014. The first phase of the project which ended 2017 focused on building knowledge and skills in sisters so that they develop the ability to provide quality ECD services. It also enhanced the networking and advocacy of sisters with other ECD players as well as sustaining ECD services in the congregations and beyond.

SCORE ECD phase II, with the continued funding support from Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and collaboration between ZAS and CRS, aims at increasing caregiver's skills and knowledge on how to best care for children in their first 1000 days. This is to ensure they meet their developmental milestones. SCORE ECD Project uses a Care group model for implementation which ensures that information cascades from the institutional level to the house hold.

It also helps in reaching greater numbers of households in the community as the model/structure expands as it goes down. Currently the project is being implemented in 6 districts of the Eastern, Copperbelt, Central and Luapula Provinces of Zambia. .

In the video, Lead Mothers from Kaparu Mission, singing while making toys for the children in the ECD Space

The project is not only implemented in Zambia but in Kenya and Malawi. The goal of the project is to ensure Children under 2 years (CU2) in these countries thrive in sustainable culture of care and support

SO1: Children under 2 attain age-appropriate developmental milestones

To work towards achieving this strategic objective, the sisters promote activities that increase the practice of key WASH and Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) behaviors by caregivers and children under two. In addition, the activities increase the adoption of key early stimulation and positive parenting behaviors by Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) and caregivers of children under two. This also includes promoting key health care seeking behavior among the beneficiaries of the project activities. Over time this has increased to areas where the project is not implementing activities. In short communities near the project areas have seen the value of what the project is implementing as such they have asked that some of the activities be extended to such communities. These activities have attracted the support of traditional leaders like headmen in these communities to the extent that the leaders are partners.

SO2: Sister organizations continue having sustained engagement in the ECD sector at national and subnational levels

to achieve this strategic objective the Sisters have to implement activities that deliver high quality ECD services, mobilize and efficiently manage human, financial and material resources. Sisters also have to ensure that they promote networking as well as advocate for high quality ECD policies and programs

Below SCORE ECD Manager is engaged in development of the ECD job profile for Early Child Development workers in the community by a partner organization called Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI).

Zambia Association of Sisterhood's ECD Manager, Sr. Astridah Banda doing a presentation at a REPSSI organized workshop for 'Early Childhood Development'. The workshop is being held to develop a Course Job Profile targeting children from (0 - 3 years old). The workshop was held at Southern Sun Ridgeway Lusaka Hotel from 29th - 30th January 2020.

Crosscutting Theme: Stronger sister organizations assume greater ownership of ECD services .

Involving men in stimulating activities, a father plays with his child in Kaparu, Chibombo, Central Province - Zambia

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