Catholic Care for Children in Zambia project fully transitioned to Zambia Association of Sisterhoods (ZAS. With Catholic Relief Services (CRS) changing their role to that of coordination of the Children in Facilities initiative, ZAS takes up the role of fully implementing the project with support from GRH foundation. The goal of the project is To improve the wellbeing of children in Zambia by providing and promoting long term and positive family or family like care and protection According to the Nationwide Assessment of Residential Care Facilities in Zambia Survey Report (September 2016), there are 6,413 children living in 189 CCFs nationwide.

ZAS through CCCZ project will implement activities under the CIF ongoing focusing on the pilot facilities in Livingstone and Lufwanyama. In Livingstone, the association will implement through Lubasi Home while in Lufwanyama St Martins Children's Home will carry out the project reintegration and reunification efforts of placing children in takes interest to increase access to children’s rights and takes a leading role in creating environments that assure protection for children in schools, orphanages, and social centers. 
Due to the growing global concerns over the number of children who live outside of parental care and are in danger of being separated from their families. Evidence indicates that children who are separated from their family have a much greater risk to suffer exploitation and harm by living on the street or within institutionalized care.

ZAS through the CCCZ project is part of the locally led approach to support the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services to strengthen the national alternative care system backed by US based GHR Foundation's Children in Families. The other members include;

  • Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ)
  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
  • Catholic Medical Missions Board (CMMB)
  • Save the Children
  • Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS)

Participants during a Foster to Adopt training in Livingstone. The training was organized to provide information for potential families that would want to adopt children form the facilities under the CCCZ project. A number of families expressed interest in fostering children in readiness for adoption after following the process facilitated by the MInistry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS).